“चिड़ी चोंच भर ले गई नदी न घटयो नीर, दान दिये धन न घटे कह गये दास कबीर!”


साँई इतना दीजिए, जामे कुटुम समाय। मैं भी भूखा ना रहूँ, साधु न भूखा जाय।।


Weekly Bhandara – “An initiative to serve food to hungry people”

A thought which emerged from Langar run by Gurdwara on daily basis. We have seen that people do Bhandaras on multiple occasions and at various places. What if we make this a habit and do it on weekly basis? It was really a big thought!

But with the Grace of God and support of Blossom 2 residents, it has now become possible and successful to serve food to approx. 600 people, every Saturday and Sunday.

We graciously thank all those, who have supported us to make this initiative a big success.